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With a Rent to Own option, you can finally have a Kangen Water Machine. 

What is Kangen Water? 







Watch a 10-minute Water Demo


What does Rent with an option to Buy include?    

No Commitment 

Weekly Rental

Can Stop Renting Anytime

Can Buy Anytime

In Home Installation 

3 Stage Nano-Filtration System

K8 Kangen's most powerful antioxidant machine 








What is the cost to rent this machine? 

  Deposit: $500 

Weekly Rental: $99

After 18 months, the K8 water machine with filtration system is yours. 

If you decide to buy the machine within the First 30 days,

then the rental fee + deposit will go towards the payment of your machine,

plus you get to keep the 3 stage nano-filtration system.

Plus you get  a FREE 1 month supply of Ukon Turmeric Supplement ($78 value) 

To learn more about Ukon Turmeric Supplement?   

Plus we have a customer referral program? 

Refer a customer who rents the machine and receives a $25 gift card. 

Refer a customer who buys the K8 machine and receives a $250 gift card. 


To learn more about Kangen Water 


Call Today: 347-469-1152


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